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Heavens Marking Time

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I recently came across some writing that went with a painting series created around 2012. I was surprised to see how relevant there are to the now moment we are in. When they were originally written they didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Now they do.

The celestial orchestra is playing Ode of Love across the Heavens of Time. We have crossed through the line marking time and the package of goods has been delivered. Now watch as the present unfolds, taking us places we have never been before. Where we have resided, we reside no more. Look, see the map shows our new location as we pass through the line marking time. The world will recognize it not at first, until it finds its rules no longer work in this new placement in time. The people will live and bring a new way. What will your part be?

© Luanne Valkner

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