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Sound Sessions

Local to New Braunfels, Texas


In - Person
Sound Session 

Luanne is available in the New Braunfels area for meditation, 

retreat spaces and events. 


Interested in a private 

in person sound session?

Call or text for appointment.

Sound therapy transcends time and space. It brings you to a neutral zone where your body’s living organic Intelligence can do it’s creation magic. Your body’s Intelligence knows what to do. Sound therapy supports this process.


Full schedule with little flexibility? 

Luanne offers a personal customized recored MP3 sound session created based on your personal intention. 

Call or text to set up appointment.


"Wow! Luanne's extensive repertoire in the field of sound healing matches her intuitive instincts. My body and mind felt cleansed and cleared with a whole new level of clarity. I can't wait for my next session."


In Person~Cynthia Ritchie


"Sound Therapy with Luanne is always amazing. It has helped with my mental health journey as well as helping me with my anxiety. I highly recommend this form of Therapy for easing the mind and body."


In Person~Ashley Siegel


"Luanne was wonderful and made me feel so comfortable! The therapy was amazing and I felt so relaxed through the whole experience! It was awesome!"


In Person~Kameron Ply


MP3 - Personalized Sound Recording

Luanne’s personalized sound recording was deeply transformative and powerful! Specific intentions were set prior to the recording so that those frequencies could be included. I was truly amazed with how those frequencies were embedded in the sounds! My first time listening to it, I began having a series of powerful visions, one after another. Most of them stayed in my higher awareness, but I recall an important one. I also began having interactions with benevolent beings. I also felt the energies move to different areas of my body. I was so deeply relaxed, and went into an altered level of consciousness. I feel it assists in consciously connecting with one’s higher-self. I am so grateful that I have this personalized recording to listen to at any given time. When you begin to realize that everything is frequency, you will also realize that investing your resources in the most beneficial of frequencies is life changing. It is so worth the investment! Please don’t hesitate to work with Luanne! Angela @ OrgoneCrystalAlchemy

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