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EarthStar Date: October 12, 2020

Lately irritation and anger seems to be the prevalent daily emotion and trigger.

I’m sitting with a feeling I remember from childhood right now - restless - tension across my chest as i feel it.

I have an apartment that needs cleaning, work to get done and I sit here feeling pressure to get up and DO — cleaning or any other number of things that are needing to get done. Like there is no value if I am not producing – doing.

Who determines what has value? And why? And every question has an answer that is given from a particular point in perspective thru the lens in which it is viewed according to the viewers experience.

So how did we get to this place of someone, or or some source or measurement outside ourselves that gets to determine this?

Blasphemy! Heresy! Says who?

And why?

Is this not he very dilemma we face as a people? As a society? That something, someone outside ourselves determines what has value and why.

So sit with the resistance.

The inaction.

Feel the tightness and observe it.

Feel the scream a thousand generations has placed on you

and let it go.

So why do I resist so?

What is in me that has all my life resisted being present and enjoying life?

I have no desire to do anyone else’s life yet I have resisted and pushed the very life I’ve been given down, back, away, aside… so why?

What keeps me from fully embracing this body and the soul in it to fully engaged with life?

And in this asking for myself, who else is seeking the same?

May all beings BE FREE!

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